My Money Program

In January 2014, SHAC were successful in receiving a Funding Grant from a reputable Philanthropic Foundation the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation. This Grant provided us with an opportunity to extend our financial literacy work in supporting families to overcome their financial burdens. The My Money Program underwent a Social Return on Investment Evaluation. The results were overwhelmingly positive for families who presented at SHAC experiencing housing stress and financial hardship. We are proud to release the findings.

pdfGetting off the Crisis-Go-Round 1.38 MB

A comprehensive analysis of the value created when financial literacy support is provided with crisis housing.

As a result of these findings in April 2016 SHAC was successful in receiving funding through the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works to continue piloting this program for tenants in Community Housing and also to tenants in the private rental market via the RentConnect Program who are experiencing difficulties in accessing and sustaining private rental.

How the My Money Program can support you:

  • Increasing a families ability to clearly identify and articulate their current financial situation;
  • Maximising a families' income entitlements and earnings through engagement with Centrelink, Child Support, Education & Training, and Job providers;
  • Exploring methods and capacity for a family to reduce personal debt and expenses;
  • Increasing a families knowledge and capacity to effectively manage their personal income;
  • Increasing a families knowledge of consumer rights and financial support services;
  • Increasing client access to affordable, long term sustainable housing;
  • Identifying strategies to reduce a families vulnerability to future financial crisis.

This pilot will be delivered over the next 2 years.