No Interest Loan Scheme

A case study

NILS-250Single mum Mary (not her real name) who had been unable to purchase her fridge, waGood Shepherd Microfinance 250shing machine and TV (via credit or savings), had opted to rent all three. SHAC was able to approve a NILS for a new fridge, Mary sent the rented one back, and was able to repay the loan for less than the usual monthly rental fee. Mary intends to replace all of her rented items through the NILS Scheme. She spoke of how good she felt purchasing a new fridge that would be hers to keep. Having a plan around her finances also gave her a sense of control over her life.

The model

NAB-250The provision of interest free loans up to $1000.00 for the purchase of whitegoods.


  • Resident of Cairns
  • Possess a Health Care Card
  • Lived in residence for at least three months
  • Capacity to repay
  • Willingness to repay
  • Payment is via Centrepay or direct deposit

Service provision

Program offered two days per week


  • Good Shepherd Youth and Family Service
  • National Australia Bank
  • Centrelink – centapay