SHAC’s Microfinance Program

SHAC has adopted a holistic approach in its delivery of a microfinance program. That is, in acknowledging poverty as a complex issue, opportunities exist to work with people not only in relation to their specific need for a fridge for example, but also in identifying opportunities to build capacity and sustainability in relation to housing, education, child and family support etc. This 'value added' support also successfully reduces any financial risk to the program.

Broad Objectives

  • Good-Shepherd-Microfinance-250NAB-250Provision of 'safe credit' to enable access to essential household, medical and educational equipment for the financially excluded
  • Provision of 'savings facilities' as a means of establishing financial 'safety nets'
  • Increased standard of living for individuals and families
  • Increased skills and confidence in individuals in managing their finances
  • Increased self esteem of people
  • Greater number of people previously unable to access the mainstream financial services being able to do so
  • Increased consumer awareness and skills
  • Increased sense of people belonging to the community

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