Who are SHAC?

Shelter Housing Action Cairns (SHAC) is an incorporated community organisation formed in 1989 as a response to the International Year of The Homeless. We are a not for profit organisation and receive funding under the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) and Crisis Assistance Program (CAP). Other support services within the Microfinance Program are currently funded with support of Good Shepherd Youth & Family Services, National Australia Bank & internally sourced funds. We are a mainstream service with approximately 70% of our client group identifying as indigenous.

Our purpose is to provide information, personal support, referral and accommodation for families in crisis as well as transitional accommodation for families exiting crisis accommodation.

At a broader level, SHAC works within a social justice framework and strives to address the inequalities experienced by our families.

It was within this context, that is, families living in poverty who in turn experience a crisis, and have no access to a financial safety net, that SHAC started a Microfinance scheme in 2004.